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hw06 ChE 132C due Feb. 25 , 2011 1) Let x 1 , x 2 , …, x n be a random sample from a Gaussian distribution with unknown mean ( X ) and standard deviation ( X ). Derive the maximum likelihood estimates for these two properties. Hint: solve two equations for two simultaneous unknowns. 2) The geothermal loop experimental facility in southern California is a Dept. of Energy operation for studying the feasibility of generating electricity from the hot saline water of the Salton Sea. Operating experience shows that the brines leave silica scale deposits on metal plant piping. Jacobsen et al. (J. Testing and Evaluation, 1981) found that scaling can be reduced by
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Unformatted text preview: adding chemical solutions to the brine. In one experiment, each of five antiscalants was added to an aliquot of brine and the solutions were filtered. A silica determination (ppm SiO2) was made on each filtered sample after a holding time of 24 hours. The results for the five samples were 1. 229ppm 2. 255ppm 3. 280ppm 4. 203ppm 5. 229ppm Estimate the mean amount of silicon dioxide present in the five antiscalant solutions. Give a 99% confidence interval for your estimate....
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