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Straub: My commenting was nowhere near Straub’s idea of my responding. In my opinion I do not really feel I am a strong writer so I didn’t want to review one of my peers paper giving her misleading information. However, I believe I should have looked more into the paper. I should have paid more attention the story line and how the paper was being organized. But because I do not always feel confident in my writing it is slightly difficult for me to give suggestions to someone else. My concerns as a writer are that I am not able to get my words across in a way that others can connect with. I want my writing to be strong. Quotes: Quote 1: “Just as first drafts seldom tell the whole story or make the best case, so too are first words and sentences seldom polished, careful, and as precise as they could be.” - For me this quote relates to me because I always never really no
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Unformatted text preview: what to write in my first drafts. My paper is usually all over the place and missing a conclusion. However, as I get more and more into my paper I suddenly no exactly how I want my paper to sound. A first or second draft may be nowhere near what a final paper would resemble and with me that is always the case. Quote 2: "nothing is really wrong with these beginnings, except that they are slow, foreshadowing excitement to come and summarizing the writer's point of view before the paper demonstrates it"- This is where I struggle in my writing, the beginning. I am never really sure how to start. I no many people have different writing techniques I just always never no which route to take. The funny, the sad, ect… I feel an opening can really be anything as long as it draws the reader in....
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