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Hannah Miller January 19, 2010 Journal #2 Garriga All people in the world are completely different. Literally no two people share the same thoughts or the beliefs about everything. Because everyone is so different it is no surprise that when it comes to everything- policitcs, film, books no one shares the same view and everyone has a different point of view. When it comes to film I seem to prefer the normal teenage movies. I love those dumb romantic comedies that always end up boy and girl. I could watch them forever. However, some of my friends seem to prefer violent
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Unformatted text preview: gory movies. When I sit in a gory movie you can tell by my facial features that I reall am not enjoying it. For the most part my eyes are covered and hiding behind my hands. When it comes to tv commericials to every person has a point of view and it depends on the person. I am into fitness, looking good but taking the lazy way out. So I love those commericials with the abs machine where the person has to do no work. However, I hate those channels with the personal adds for dating. And my point of view on that is expressed by turning the channel off....
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