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Hannah Miller 3/13/11 Hero Essay # 2 A Monomyth is a term used to refer to a hero’s journey. What constitutes this journey, and what embodies a hero are the two questions that undoubtedly make or break the argument for or against the belief in a Monomyth. While many may view a Monomyth as an ill important outline, it can be widely applied to stories throughout time as well as those written in the modern world. My belief in the Monomyth exists because the facts and evidence present are more than compelling toward the argument. The Monomyth is characterized by 17 steps but is more generally associated with 3: The departure, The Initiation, and The Return. Throughout my paper I will use specific examples to present the argument toward the Monomyth, as well as provide numerous contextual facts on what classifies a Monomyth, and will furthermore explain what myths constitute being apart of this category. The best argument toward the belief in a Monomyth is simply stating the facts. The first step in the 17 stages is the Call to Adventure. Lenardon and Morford explain that when a Hero is present in a mundane situation, and receives some sort of call to duty, it is a sign that it is time for a quest to begin. When Theseus learned of the deal with King Minos he took it as his responsibility to travel to Crete and make things right. Theseus sought the downfall of the Minotar and against his fathers wishes took sail as the 7 th son of Athens. Also present in the story
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monomythessay - Hannah Miller 3/13/11 Hero Essay # 2 A...

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