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As you open the cover of SEVENTEEN magazine what is it that you expect to see? If you’re looking for hard journalistic articles and memos on the war in Iraq you are certainly in the wrong place. Here you will find something a little different. The pages of this magazine are filled with the “ How to be beautiful in ten days”, and the “Must Haves of the fall season”. This magazine is targeted towards young teens and is promoting a very distinct image of what being beautiful actually is. The world we live in now is made up of a mish-mash of different people, and every culture has different views, customs, and styles. This leaves us thinking that there should be several different views about what is beautiful. But in today’s society there is a very
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Unformatted text preview: set premise of what beauty is. In the eyes of many, beauty is being tall, skinny, perfect skin, and long hair. This may be beautiful, but that is not all that beauty can be. The Image being promoted in this magazine is only reinforcing the idea that there is one type of beauty. Throughout SEVENTEEN magazine you will see adds for Baby Phat perfume, Guess Jeans, and 8 minute Abs, and these advertisements clearly reflect the point of the magazine. If you look closely at what is featured in these adds all you will see perfect women living the “perfect life.” You are not seeing overweight middle class women. The adds are portraying a lifestyle that in reality is not realistic....
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