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One Way World As you open the cover of SEVENTEEN magazine what is it that you expect to see? If you’re looking for hard journalistic articles and memos on the war in Iraq you are certainly in the wrong place. The pages of this magazine are filled with the ways in which a woman is able to enhance her look and seemingly live a better life. This magazine is targeted towards young teens and is promoting a very distinct image of what being beautiful actually is. An adolescent girl is at the point of her life where she is seemingly very confused. It’s the point in time where she is not really sure what is happening within her body, how to think, or what to make of her. Adolescence is a period of time where a person is discovering the way they want to look and how they will portray them self to the world. When I was growing up I remember seeing my friends putting on their first tube of Lip Smackers vanilla lip-gloss. Initially reluctant at first, I eventually followed suit. I had recently seen an advertisement of Brittany Spears, my favorite singer at the time, promoting it in Cosmo Girl magazine. She was my idol at the time and the lip-gloss appealing to her was enough convincing for me. I was so influenced to purchase the lip- gloss because I thought she looked amazing in it; and if she thought it was pretty then it was pretty. Due to my young age I was following exactly what I had seen. Brittany Spears was the “IT” girl at the time and her appearance in the advertisement had led me to believe that by using the product I could enhance my looks and replicate her
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attractiveness. I was not aware of the fact that Brittany was not the face of beauty and the world was filled with people who all had a different view of what it actually was. In today’s world there are very few people alike. Around every corner a different culture can be found having very distinct views, customs, and styles. Every culture, every person, and every eye sees beauty as something completely different. In the Jewish culture beauty is considered to be a person who presents them self in a natural form. A woman would be looked down upon if she presented herself with a heavy amount of face powder, bright pink blush, and dyed hair. The natural look is considered to be beautiful in the Jewish culture because it is seen as a sign of purity. Although the definition for beauty is extremely wide ranging it is exceedingly controversial as well. At the same time, while a woman in the Jewish culture would be looked down upon for presenting herself in a heavily made-up manner , a woman raised in the Italian culture might be seen as unique and stunning. There is no true meaning to what truly entails being beautiful is yet the world we live in today has created a very premise of what beauty consists of and SEVENTEEN magazine is promoting that image. When Megan Fox graced the cover of SEVENTEEN magazine a clear message was sent
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paper2final - One Way World As you open the cover of...

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