photopaperFINAL - H annah Mi ller 4/28/10 Enc1102 Gar riga...

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Hannah Miller 4/28/10 Enc1102 Garriga Photo Paper I choose my first picture from my first summer working as a camp counselor. Immediately when looking at the picture I am drawn to my hair. The lighting was directly shining down on me. Because it was summer, it is radiating a very light blondish gold color. I am standing alone in the center of the picture displaying my rare brown summer tan. The background of this picture is of the end of the summer camp party I was at. The room is filled with black and pink balloons tied to multiple chairs. The entire coloring of the background is dark and everything just seems to blend in. Although mostly my hair, and my face stands out the background just seems sort of depressing. In the back of the picture you can see three very long windows, they are not covered, therefore you can tell that it is nighttime outside. At the tip top of the picture looking closely you can see streamers hanging from the roof and a sign that reads “ill miss you all” in sparkly pink letters.
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At this point in my life I was going through a transitional period to say the least. It was the first time I had actually acquired a true job, and the first time I was responsible for someone beside myself. Although it was just a summer job as a camp counselor I took it very seriously. I felt a sudden sense of responsibility that I had never really felt before. Parents of toddlers trusted me with the care of their most prized possessions. The sense of responsibility I felt relayed from my work life to my actual life. I was beginning to care more about my future. I started to think of what college I wanted to go to and I began to take more pride in myself. Going to the
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photopaperFINAL - H annah Mi ller 4/28/10 Enc1102 Gar riga...

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