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Precious - Hannah Miller November 2 2010 HUM 3321-20...

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Hannah Miller November 2, 2010 HUM 3321-20 Margaret MacCarrol Topic: The portrayal of race in the movie Precious The film Precious covers an assortment of instances dealing with issues of race. The circumstances in which Precious lives her day-to-day life are miserable to say the least and those circumstances alone are what generate the film. The views on the movie are extremely wide-ranging and controversial to many. However, it is not necessarily the content of the film that is troubling, but it is the way in which the content is presented for the audience. African Americans tend to bash the film and look down upon it because of the way it castigates blackness and awards the white race for enabling racial dissimilarity. Yet on the contrary, white people have a propensity to look past the African American views and give attention to the fact that the White is still seen as the savior to that of the black. The issues presented in Precious date all the way back to the days of slavery and will be the primary discussion within my paper. Precious gets through her wretched life by doing the only thing she sees plausible; she makes herself invisible. Her views are extremely distorted from the get go and it is apparent that her thoughts are astray from reality. The fantasy world that she lives in is merely an escape from her hellish reality. In the movie there is a scene where Precious is alone and intensely gazing at a mirror. Yet, instead of looking at herself she is imagining the image of something she wishes she resembled. In the mirror she sees a thin, blonde, blue-eyed young girl. This image depicts the fascination she has to a white standard of
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beauty. In yet another seen Precious states “ I wish I had a light skinned boyfriend with real nice hair”. Precious’s fantasy views exemplify the argument that it is a punishment to be her, and it is a punishment to be black. Her thoughts express the idea that she sees
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