Shelby Nunn - On the surface the movie The Town produced...

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On the surface, the movie “The Town” produced and directed by Ben Affleck is nothing more than your average thriller movie. After all, it follows unremorseful criminals in their cruel bank robberies, who pleasure themselves in stealing what they want and getting out clean. The movie has all the aspects of a thriller movie: a defacto leader, suspenseful scenes, and the inevitable death of the hero’s “second self.” However, when we take a closer look at the plot and characters the movie “The Town” is full of people and ideas that are similar to those in the Epic of Gilgamesh. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, one can view Gilgamesh’s role in society to that of Ben Affleck in the movie The Town. Gilgamesh is the king of Uruk, and the strongest of all men. The power and authority of Uruk is held in the hands of the king, Gilgamesh. He was immensely strong, physically beautiful, and very wise. The town of Uruk views him as arrogant and chaotic. Gilgamesh feels that he has the authority to do anything in his power. This is seen when Gilgamesh goes around to any women and rapes her, regardless of her acceptance. The people of Uruk finally call for help from Anu, who creates Enkidu, an equal of Gilgamesh and ultimately his “second self.” In comparison to Gilgamesh, Ben Affleck portrays many similar characteristics. Ben Affleck is the leader of destruction in the town of Charlestown. With his wise knowledge of bank robberies, Ben Affleck, is able to outwit the FBI and take control of the town. Similar to Gilgamesh’s rampaging of raping women, Ben Affleck takes a woman hostage in one of the most memorable bank robberies in Charlestown. The people view Ben as ruthless and arrogant but he continues to be unstoppable, leaving no evidence behind in his crimes. One can view Ben Afflecks characteristics to those of Gilglamesh: they are both physically attractive, exceptionally strong, and the wisest of their towns. Within The Town and The Epic of Gilgamesh the arrogant leader is always accompanied by their “second self.” This person can be viewed as the leader’s best friend and is ultimately
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Shelby Nunn - On the surface the movie The Town produced...

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