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socialpsychnotesTESTREVIEW - -self surving bias self esteem...

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Self regulation- self control- will power 3 major parts -Overriding short term desires in favor of long-term benefits -Or the active management of ones many needs and goals Self-regulatory failure - Limited resources - Limited attention - Wavering commitment Marshmellow study- delay of gratification Self control failure- only 1 A high capacity for self control- Predicts .. Stable relationships More success Academic success is better predicted by self control capacity than IQ! Less criminality Better mental health and longer life - initial acts of self regulation deplete ones resources EXAM 15 general questions on the self
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Unformatted text preview: -self surving bias, self esteem, self regulation, etc about 10 q;s on self esteem about 10 q’s on self regulation 5 questions from intro/methods 5 miscellaneous questions from the book ( not mentioned explicity in lecture) LOOK IN SELF CHAPTER STUDY THE SYLLABUS! 38. _____ is the best predictor of academic achievement- self esteem- IQ- self regulation- answer!- intrinsic moveent Given the research on self serving biases which of the following is probably true?-Most criminals underestimate there ability to get caught committing crime...
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