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technology rough draft- english

technology rough draft- english - After a long day at...

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After a long day at school many return home only to plop on the couch and turn on their favorite TV show, completely blinded by any consequences this may have. Television is used as enjoyment for many; however, there are countless numbers of people who are unaware of the strong influential factor it holds over them. Television has not just simply been a leisure activity for me; it has greatly affected my self-image, the way in which I deal with my personal relationships, and how I go about my day-to-day struggles. From the way women are depicted to be helpless in movies, to the false impressions about love and relationships, technology has manipulated the way I see the world and has sped up my time line drastically. Because of technology my eyes have been opened slightly too early. When I was growing up I was confused to say the least. I would stare at a mirror for hours on end trying to discover myself but I always came up empty handed. The simplest tasks were starting to become impossible. I was spending half of my day deicing how I wanted to dress in the mornings, who I wanted to spend time with at school, and questioning every decision I made. I believed that I was so insecure because I hadn’t experienced as much as I had wanted to, and television seemed like the perfect answer. I was eager to see what I would be doing when I was a 16-year-old, hormonal, teenager in high school.
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