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AMH-funny in farsi - When Firoozeh Dumas moved from Abadan...

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When Firoozeh Dumas moved from Abadan, Iran, to Whittier, California she unknowingly set herself up for the culture shock of a lifetime. While her father viewed America as an opportunity to achieve, Dumas entered it with very few preconceived notions. As demonstrated by the book, moving to America was shown to be a great struggle in itself. Faced with challenges that included language barriers, discrimination, and daily struggles, the Dumas family simply did the best that they could. However, the effects that were endured through immigration are somewhat universal. In comparison to the Jewish people migrating to America, along with the Italian, the similarities are apparent and the differences few in numbers. The three experiences endured all felt the public scrutiny due to them being different. Yet while all three cultures are comprised of very distinctly different parts they all break down into things that can be relatable. Throughout their journeys immigrating to America, the struggles presented, new experiences, and the bonds of love and culture, brought them all together as one. Firoozeh had anticipated her move to America to be anything but unpleasant. Due to her father’s positive outlook of the land, the idea of the discrimination she had faced seemed so far fetched. Along with her father, she had seen her move to America as her joining the better half and in turn having an enhanced and more privileged life. Her expectancy of life in the United States was shared with that of the Italian. When the Italians had migrated to America they all had one similar view of how there time there would have been put to use. Not all had reached the goal but the intention remained the same. An Italian immigrant was to move to little Italy, receive a job from a padrone, spend numerous hours working in the mines and railroads, and then save up as much money as they possibly could. They were in search for a better and more prosperous life and saw America as a way of accomplishing that. Along with the Italians, the Jewish people were also in search for a better life. Immediately following there arrival in the 1
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states, they set out right to work. They had been determined to prove that they were there for a reason and they made their mark in doing so. Those who were not able to be initially farmers
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AMH-funny in farsi - When Firoozeh Dumas moved from Abadan...

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