AMHESSAY - Celias arrival to Callaway County, Missouri...

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When purchased by Robert Newsom she was immediately raped; a behavior that was repeated for years to come. As Celia finally reached her limit, she murdered Newsom, claiming that she was protecting herself from rape (Takiki, 124). In a courtroom, the goal is to seek the truth, and in Celia’s case the court system had failed. Her trial illustrated the unjust use of law filled with questionable decisions throughout, and however it is looked at the facts remain undeniable. Celia was tried in a proslavery state and denied a fair trial, she was a female African American slave who had been sexually abused by her master, and Judge Hall was determined to have the state prevail (McLaurin, 101). The Slave history surrounding Missouri, along with discrimination, and the biased, and misuse of the law all directly affected the trial of Celia. When Missouri learned that the Union was seriously debating forcing a territory to abandon slavery as the price for admission into the Union they were stunned (McLaurin, 16). The shocking news had put both Missourian parties for and against slavery at rage. The actions of Congress were unprecedented and caused a yearlong debate that had gained attention worldwide. Those who owned slaves felt that they were being deprived a form of property that was already legal within parts of the union, while non- slave owners strongly opposed the efforts of congress to force Missouri to accept gradual abolition (McLaurin, 17). This reaction by the people of Missouri strongly demonstrated there want to keep slavery alive at all costs. Even those who saw slavery as an evil were then standing behind Missouri. Before Celia had even been summoned to court it was evident that Missouri had already formed an opinion on slavery, and this would come to affect her trial (Takiki, 66). The opinion of the public had history with proslavery views and it was evident that all those involved in Celia’s trial were not easily going to let their prejudged notions stand aside. 1
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AMHESSAY - Celias arrival to Callaway County, Missouri...

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