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assignment2- multicultural film

assignment2- multicultural film - 1 I think one of the...

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1. I think one of the major differences between ISA and RSA would have to be that RSA functions more on violence. While they both involve ideology and violence I feel that there is a clear difference. I truly believe that all people are the same in a sense. We come from different cultures, backgrounds, wealth, experience and views but when it comes down to it a person is simply a person. Just because a person was blessed differently in life doesn’t mean that they are not educated, that they do not have the same intelligence as any other person, and that there are not as capable as any other human being. A book should never be judged by its cover. I think a good example of RSA in the movie would be the second the aliens were treated as refugees by the government. The idea was spread that they were unwelcomed and instantly the people became wary of them. An example of ISA in the film would be the government putting MNU in charge on containing the situation. This was the idea of the group in charge; it was
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