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Hannah Miller 11/1/10 Chapter 5 Macro 2023 4 th edition book 1. I think that noncash benefits are more likely to be mad in a rich nation. I believe that people are more charitable when they have more to give. In a poor nation people are barely getting by as opposed to a rich nation where money is plentiful. In a rich nation people will be more charitable because the struggle for daily expenses is eliminated and they have more to give. When the difference of capitalist nations verse non- capitalist nations are at hand, I think that rich nations versus poor nations will not really pose a threat. Because the income of the poorest person in a capitalist nation is still nearly 8 times higher than that of a person in a non capitalist nation it is apparent that money in a non capitalist nation is scarce. People in non-capitalist nations are constantly working just to get by meaning they have less money to spare. Cash benefits are minimal in non- capitalist nations regardless of rich nation versus poor nation. However, in a capitalist
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