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classical myth - Heraclies chooses the life of virtue Story...

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Herakles- greatest roman comedian of all time New comedy- meanander Platus- took a lot of meanders plays Stock character- appears the same in every play- soilder, young man, old man etc Sosia- Mercury Amphitryon – alcmena Jupiter sleeps with Alcmena- so now she has twins- one more one non immortal Alcides becomes Hericles Hericles- Hurcules Herucles- club, lion cloth Hera- tries to kill him when he was born
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Unformatted text preview: Heraclies- chooses the life of virtue Story of his life-Born in thebes, great grandson on perceus Parerga- side journies Lets Hericles sleep with his 50 daughters of thespias Lernean Hydra-Ceryneian Hind-Erymanthian boar- Cretan Bull-Mares of diomedes-Girdle of hippolyte-Apples of hesperides-Cerberos Death of herakles...
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