englishjournal1 - broadcasted on tv would greatly interest...

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Hannah Miller Enc1102 1/11/10 Journal #1 I would say that being an 18-year-old college student definitely places me among various groups of people. 18 is sort of a confusing age. While I’m growing up and becoming more responsible and wise I am just getting to the age where I want to have fun and not worry about anything. In reference to my wise side I belong to an audience who is interested in the world. I love to learn. Because I love to learn I love to watch the news and read the newspaper and actually no what is going on in the world. Just having the knowledge of knowing what happened around the world makes me feel good because I no I am not sheltering myself and pretending like terrible things aren’t happening around me. I also have been involved in sports since I was little so I am apart of that audience to. I have played tennis since I was three so any tennis magazines, and matches being
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Unformatted text preview: broadcasted on tv would greatly interest me. Another text that interests me are gossip magazines. I truly believe they are the biggest waste of money I spend but I am completely addicted to reading them. For some reason love hearing about who had whos baby, who was wearing what, who just got married, ect. ; All those pointless things that for some reason I find enjoyable. I also really love to shop. Even when I dont really need anything I love to go out and buy things. That includes catalogues that are sent to me but preferably online shopping. Later in life I really want to be a lawyer so I literally spend at least 5 hours a week watching law and order. I have almost every episode memorized and I see it as something that isnt just watching TV but as a learning tool that could help me in the long run....
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englishjournal1 - broadcasted on tv would greatly interest...

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