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Unformatted text preview: !!"#"!$% &'()*% •  •  •  •  Functions of water in body Consequences of dehydration How we maintain water balance How electrolytes affect cells 1. Comprises 60-70% of the body Extracellular •  Do we really need 8 glasses of water a day? Intracellular: inside cells Muscle 75% water, Fat cells 20% water 2. Body Temperature Regulation ! Perspiration cools skin ! More blood flow in skin ! More vasodilation (opening of veins) ! Water lost for cooling But, if you don’t drink enough water, this system CAN’T WORK Functions of Water 3. Protect and Lubricate Tissues –  Cerebrospinal, Synovial, Amniotic fluids 4.  Digestive secretions: Total = 9.5 liters, most reabsorbed 5. Removal of body waste water fills up space, and regulates water blood vessels open, more water lost for cooling heat released from skin, and evaporates sweat evaporates and cools skin put butter on a burn=not good, because water d oes not evaporate out native americans rubbed animal fat onto themselves to keep heat and prevent e vaporation S ynovial is in the joint of bones (lubricant amniotic protects growing fetus saliva, bile,urine, digestive secretion (stomach acid/ gastrin), pancreatic juices, intestinal juices, !% !!"#"!$% How we regulate Water Balance?% •  •  •  •  +(,)*%-./01%.233)3% !"#$%&'#% !()&$*(+#(('.%425106253% ,--(#''#'.%4,2.)*'7%10'8)()3% 9*'/:'64%&(/0$17%05()*5'.%,):2**,';05;7%8.221% 125'6257%3/*;)*<% •  2$#3(4(%1% •  5&0$#6%'784-%*9*-% we do NOT need to drink 8 glasses of water a day water on skin=to cool off moist membrane for gas exchange=lungs large intestine absorbs most water skiing=easy to get dehydrated losing a lot of water through lungs headache=dehydrated most of the time cholera (dehyrdration, caused by an organism that d isrupts the water channel) in haiti. symptoms: vomiting, losing weight, could die in a day. treatment: rehydration (water, glucose, sodium. n eed sodium and glucose for water transport) solutions people with untreated diabetes become thirsty, b ecause of losing sugar in the urine Symptoms: Dehydration Heat Stroke% ! 42*)%821<%():=)*'(/*)7% *'=01%=/.3)7%,2(%1*<%3>05?% •  [email protected])%3A)'(%)B'=2*'625% •  =2()56'..<%C'('.% –  Fatigue, Headache –  Increased pulse & respiration –  Decreased cardiac output Mechanism: –  Fluids leaves cells –  Blood volume decreases –  Less oxygen & nutrients to cells – Disrupted electrical impulses anyone who is active can get dehydration transport of glucose is impaired without water -->fatigue athetics may suddenly get heart attacks because they ignore dehydration symptoms #% !!"#"!$% Dehydration% E233%2C%%F%821<%A)0;,(% !G#FGGG3(*25;%(,0*3(7%.233%2C%'==)6()% DGHF%GGG%":/34.)%3(*)5;(,%I%)51/*'54)7% #%8.221%(22%4254)5(*'()17%5'/3)'% JGKF%GGG,)'(%)L,'/36257%:)5('.%425C/30257%3./**)1% 3=))4,7%!821<%():=)*'(/*)7%!=/.3)%*'()7% !*)3=0*'(2*<%*'()7%8./)%.0=3% MG!!FGGG:)104'.%):)*;)54<7%1).0*0/:7%40*4/.'(2*<% 053/N40)54<7%>015)<%C'0./*)% O%#$F%GG%P)'(,% !"#$%&'()*+&Q% G  (22%[email protected])8'*:&0+%% G  ,)'1'4,)37%425C/30257%3)0R/*)37%42:'% G  S'<%*)T/0*)%,23=0('.0R'625% for people who excercise a long time, if they d rink too much water, they need electrolytes &,'(%'*)%U.)4(*2.<()3V% •  W/83('54)%(,'(%103'33240'()3%05%32./625%05(2%).)4(*04'..<% 4,'*;)1%%!"#$% $ %X2306B)%4,'*;)Q%3210/:7%=2('330/:% $ %Y);'6B)%4,'*;)Q%4,.2*01)7%=,23=,2*/3% Function: Electrical potentials: nerves, muscles, Fluid balance, blood pressure, acid-base balance Sodium: in extracellular fluids Foods: –  80% processed food, 10% table salt, –  10% naturally occurring in foods 2*;4''&0+Q%%05301)%4)..3 •  At risk : people on very-low kcal diets, diuretics, alcoholics, anorexia, bulimia, kidney disease •  NOT added to food, need 2-3 g/day •  Foods: fruits, vegetables Deficiency: confusion, muscle cramps, weakness, irregular heartbeat, shock, coma water transport=you need sugar and sodium potassium is not added to food. very important to get potassium alcoholics, low calorie diets, diuretics, lose p otassium bananas have a great source of potassium D% !!"#"!$% P2)3%W'.(%4'/3)%[0;,%\.221%X*)33/*)V% •  HF%2C%=2=/.'625%03%3210/:G3)5306B)Q%%,'B)% ;)5)%B'*0'5(3%C2*%0:=*2=)*%>015)<%*);/.'625%% •  922%:/4,%3'.(%05%%8.221%*)3/.(3%05Q% –  [0;,)*%B2./:)%2C%8.221%]/01% –  ^54*)'3)1%=*)33/*)%25%40*4/.'(2*<%3<3():% Do you need extra electrolytes? YES: for severe vomiting, diarrhea burns, heavy bleeding NO: for regular sweating regular food and fruits have enough electrolytes YES: if water losses >2-3% body weight •  S23(%=)2=.)%3,2A%52%10_)*)54)%A0(,%,0;," .2A%3'.(%05%10)(% it does not cause high blood pressure only affects only salt sensitive people Yes, if you sweat a lot Z% ...
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