Lect18+TraceMin - Trace Minerals Iodide Zinc/Copper...

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1 Iodide Zinc/Copper Selenium Fluoride Biological functions: Component of enzymes, hormones DNA synthesis NOT a source of energy Deficiency produces abnormalities Trace Minerals Difficulties in Studying Trace Minerals Trace metal contamination is everywhere What tissue to measure? Marginal deficiencies may not be detected. General Principles Bioavailability What % of a nutrient can be absorbed Competition Too much of one nutrient cause cause deficiency of another Chemical Form Solubility, organic ligands
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2 Toxicity of Supplements P: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting Fe: constipation, nausea, vomiting, reduced Zn uptake, Fe overload Zn: nausea, vomiting, immune suppression, impaired Cu uptake Se: brittle hair/nails, cirrhosis of liver, peripheral neuropathies, GI upset Cr: carcinogenic ß-carotene: increased risk of lung cancer in smokers Vitamin B 6 : sensory neuropathy Iodine is present in food as iodide Food Sources: Iodized salt ( Not
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Lect18+TraceMin - Trace Minerals Iodide Zinc/Copper...

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