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4 concepts psychological effect vitamins and proteins supplements don't help, if you’re not getting enough calories (calories are important during rehabilitation) Starved people can’t absorb protein o Does not have enough digestive enzymes High carbs are good for starving people Body demanded more calories Low leptin because of low fat Metabolism slows down, lower energy expenditure. Body temperature decreased. When body conserves, lost interest and will. Decrease in interest in women. Binge eating-from diet hunger proceeds after long starvation period
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Unformatted text preview: body breaks down in order to supply itself with protein Physical changes Protein deficiency (even though they consumed the average recommended amount) caused adema because they were lacking calories Drop in temperature System breakdown o Cant handle food because digestive enzymes are proteins o Mucosal cells cant reproduce Size of organs shrink Reduced strength 4000 calories are not enough, body cant regulate Sensitivity towards diets...
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