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Unformatted text preview: !"#$#!"% What we eat How we use energy% !"#$%&'&%%'()%*+,%!"#$%*-*./'%,0+-%'()%)1*%22% /+3-%4*3/0,% (')*%&'&%'()%*+,%%$&&%*-*./'%,0+-%'()%)1*%22% 5(1*%4*3/0,% costs energy to metabolize food Nonexcercize thermo genesis +,-)'./01*%'23&%%% !6  7*8*-91%(-&% +6  :;()-,%(<%<((9%=(-1);*9% >6  :?+35+>353,'%(<%=*.,+3-%-),.3*-,1% !6  EF%,.+=,&%%% Sensing mech. for •  E+1,.3=%1,.*,=03-/% g lucose •  G3.=)5+B-/%-),.3*-,%=(-,*-,% •  A(.;(-*1&%%E0.*53-H%%GGI% Ghrelin=growls, senses @6  A(4%31%,031%3-<(.;+B(-% ,.+-1;3C*9D% h unger, high before meal, @6  J+-=.*+1&%%%%%F-1)53-% K6  :938(1*%B11)*&%%%%L*8B-%% made in the stomach Leptin tells us we're satisfied Information trasmitted by nervous and hormonal system Sends signals to hypothalamus Signals come from GI tract, pancreas, and a dipose tissue These send signals about eating !% !"#$#!"% M-*./'%,(%;+3-,+3-%53<*%8.(=*11*1% •  7*8*-91%(-&% –  :/*H%%E.(4,0% –  A*3/0,H%N%5*+-%B11)*% –  O+1B-/H%1,+.?+B(-H%;+5-),.3B(-% –  O*?*.% –  A(.;(-*1&%%,0'.(P3-% Leptin is synthesized from Adipose tissue When we lose weight, leptin decreased, "our b ody is losing backup fuel" Energy defificient: people move less Gain weight-> more leptin->more energy, d ecreased energy intake Basal metabolism: energy required to keep us alive, b iggest energy expenditure, Takes more energy to keep lean muscle Fever-body gets hot !6  F-93.*=,%=+5(.3;*,.'&%Q+1+5%R*,+>(53=%S+,*% TQRSU% @6  73.*=,%=+5(.3;*,.'% K6  V,+>5*%31(,(8*%;*+1).*;*-,1% W6  X1*%+-%*Y)+B(-% Indirect: not moving at all, measures oxygen levels Direct: energy in food, put person in a chamber, see how much heat is released (change in temperature) Stable isotope: more common, hydrogen/ oxyegen isotopes Use an equation men have more leaner muscle @% !"#$#!"% Energy Out: 2. Physical Activity •  •  •  •  S)--3-/%!"%;80 % ^+5\3-/%K6$_%;80 ^+5\3-/%@6_%;80% V5**83-/% % % % %Z[$%\=+5#0.]% %K""% %@""% %Z"% M-*./'%=(1,%<(.%93/*1B(-&%% % %+88.(P%!"N%(<%\=+5%*+,*-% O+,&%%%@2KN% G+.>(0'9.+,*1&%%`2ZN% J.(,*3-&%!_2K"N% :5=(0(5&%%@"N% *You would have to run 39 miles at that rate to theoretically lose 3500 kcal = 1 lb fat% Basal=70% 3500kcal = 1lb fat energy deficient, body decreases metabolism eat more, if you lose more weight alcohol=detoxification Energy Out: 4. Adaptive Thermogenesis •  A*+,%8.(9)=B(-H%103?*.3-/% •  MP=*11%0*+,%<.(;%(?*.*+B-/% •  :9+8B(-%,(%,.+);+H%1,.*11% •  aMSb%7FOOMSMcd%<(.%93e*.*-,%8*(85*% MP=*113?*%+;()-,%(<%+938(1*%B11)*%3-%.*5+B(-% ,(%5*+-%>(9'%;+11% !6  A(4%9(%4*%;*+1).*%3,D% @6  ^0+,%=+)1*1%3,D% thermogenesis-how much heat a person puts out excess amounts of adipose tissue losing water if we lose weight really fast, lose glycogen too K% !"#$#!"% QRF% :-,0.(8(;*,.'% Q3(*5*=,.3=+5%F;8*9+-=*% Q(9'%7*-13,'&%4+,*.% %93185+=*;*-,% •  Q(9'%7*-13,'&%%+3.% % % %93185+=*;*-,% •  7f:&%9)+5%*-*./'%f2.+'%% •  •  •  •  QRF%g%%^*3/0,%T\/U#%%hA*3/0,%T;Ui%@% J.(>5*;1&% •  c(%+==()-B-/%<(.%;)1=)5+.3,'% •  1+;*%<(.%;*-%+-9%4(;*-% •  1+;*%<(.%+55%.+=*1% •  ^+31,%?1%A381&%%%c(,%+55%<+,%31%*Y)+5% •  c(%+==()-B-/%<(.%8(8)5+B(-%+/*% decorative fat, visceral fat subject to error measures how much e lectricity G(;8+.31(-%43,0%7f:% %%Q(9%J(9 %.g6[K% %%G+538*.1 %.g6Z$% %%QRF % %.g6Z!% %%F;8*9+-=* %.g6`Z% Q+1+5%;*,+>(531;% d0*.;3=%*e*=,%(<%<((9% d0*.;(/*-*131% G+5(.3;*,.'% E0.*53-% L*8B-% :938(1*%B11)*% QRF% :-,0.(8(;*,.'% Q3(*5*=,.3=+5%F;8*9+-=*% Q(9'%7*-13,'% 7f:% body density by water DXA Dual energy X ray expensive, subject to X ray energy balance is affected by what we eat, b ody size/shape, and what we do. n erves and hormones send signals to the b rain concerning hunger/satiety W% ...
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