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Egil essay outline

Egil essay outline - weapons and money(107 b Battle...

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Question: In Egil’s raids, is he someone looked up to as a Viking-hero? (positively portrayed?) Answer: Yes, because of his will to fight, to obey the Viking “code of conduct” and let the others know who’s killing them, his depicted success, and the reactions from his peers. Thesis: During Egil’s raids and battles, he is positively described as a Viking hero portrayed through conduct as a Viking, his success, and how his peers react towards his accomplishments. 1) Viking conduct during battle a. Raiding farmers incident i. “not warrior like” (107) b. Battle supporting Athelstan i. …Egil and his troops raced after them killing everyone within reach… (127) 2) Successful a. Raiding farmers incident i. His actions were not portrayed negatively, and resulted in a chest of Silver (108) ii. Seems like a heroic escape—being lucky enough to find Aki,
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Unformatted text preview: weapons, and money (107) b. Battle supporting Athelstan i. “but for all the heavy odds again Egil it was Adils who had the worst casualities” (124) ii. …so King Athelstan won a great victory there (127) 3) Peers a. Raiding farmers incident i. Thorolf and his men were glad to have Egil back (108) b. King Athelstan rewards Egil with i. Honor of taking the seat facing him (128) ii. Golden bracelet (129) iii. Two chests full of Silver (129) 4) Contradicting arguments? a. Attack on Lund i. Egil raids and destroys a town just for money. ii. “the people soon ran, with heavy loss of life” (109) 1. described very neutral 2. maybe common event for Vikings? b. Raiding farmers incident i. Burning people in their homes, trapped? 1. Rule does not apply to the Baltic?...
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