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Response Sheet Chapters 32-55 Egil’s Saga Though our time’s definition of a hero is along the lines of “someone who self-sacrifices for the greater good”, Egil, from Egil’s Saga, through the reactions of other characters and depiction by the writer, seems to be portrayed as a hero through his victories, which includes him killing people, and his stubborn attitude. Egil is a bloody, unheroic murderer from our point of view, but in the context of his saga and his era, his deeds and actions seem not only heroic, but he puts himself in shoes where many would wish to walk in. Firstly, Egil was portrayed as the type who would take revenge through murder. This is obviously not acceptable in today’s society, but when Egil killed the man who Skallagrim liked because Skallagrim kill the woman who had fostered Egil, Skallagrim showed a sign of silent acknowledgement with no consequence, showing that Egil did the “right” thing. In this case, he is heroic because he avenged his foster mother (Egil’s Sagas 95)
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