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Egil's saga 55-76 Response Sheet

Egil's saga 55-76 Response Sheet - emotions In addition not...

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Egil’s Saga 55-76 Response Sheet The poems seem to play a crucial role in depicting Egil’s feelings. Only during the poems are Egil’s true thoughts and emotions clearly articulated. Also, as Egil Egil expresses his desire for love when he makes the verse, “Beauty must bear with…Worry my mind” (Vinland 132). For example, the poems includes how he must hide his face in his cloak when he thinks about “wife, widow and mother”. In addition, Egil uses poems to express his anger and irritation at Berg-Onund. He announces, “May the Gods get rid…And order at assemblies” (Vinland 140). Coming from a culture of angry Gods, the usage of the Gods as a sign of revenge and anger effectively portrays his
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Unformatted text preview: emotions. In addition, not only do the poems alone demonstrate his emotions, but this is bolstered from the fact that he has a reputation as a bloodthirsty murderer. He also effectively uses a great drapa of twenty stanzas to present to King Eirik for reconciliation (Vinland 158). Here we have a “heroic” Viking, who cannot steal and kill unless he lets the opponent know, and who burns towns killing many innocent individuals, but is portrayed as a brilliant, wise poet, expressing himself through his lyrics--it seems that this character is a foil himself....
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