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Feminine roles in Anderson - away from parents Anderson’s...

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How Holberg’s works can be analyzed by carnival Look at other works using carnivalesque and how that is used in instruction Feminine Roles in Anderson’s fairy tales and how his How are the feminine roles in Anderson’s fairy tales presented, and how does Anderson’s life reflect their roles? How and what does the little mermaid represent as a female role? How is Anderson related to the little mermaid? The little mermaid represents the adolescent female struggle and development, as well as Anderson’s unconscious homosexuality. Female Struggle 1. Clams on her tail (discomfort of high heels, chinese footbinding) 2. Written as the youngest one in the family--see how she grows up 3. Sacrifices her tail for her love 4. Always concerned about love 5. For freedom—human legs can go on water and land. Tail only limited to sea 6. Sacrifice her tongue for human legs represent her adolescent will to break
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Unformatted text preview: away from parents Anderson’s homosexuality 1) Anderson’s unconscious desires are portrayed in the little mermaid through negative Oedipus complex a. For a boy to be in the negative Oedipus complex and to be loved like a woman, he has to undergo “castration”. The little mermaid sacrifices her tail, and every step she takes causes pain and bleeding. b. Anderson and the little mermaid both came from the outside and was never accepted into the new world (Bredsdorff) c. Supported by biography d. When the The Little Mermaid was written in 1837, Edvoard’s marriage was approaching. The Prince represents Edvoard 2) Not homosexual? a. Unfortunate sexual life, but still similar to the Little Mermaid? b. Edvard would not have let his son travel with Anderson if he was homosexual....
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