Holberg 1st Letter - 10-18-10 Holberg 1 letter (part 1) st...

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10-18-10 Holberg 1 st letter (part 1) He recalls his father being a just, brave, and pious man, who conducted himself through life with “such prudence and propriety, as to deserve the esteem and affection of all who knew him.” He looks up to his father, and sets a bar on how people should be. (24) Holberg mentions the transformation from a “petty” officer into a professor of philosophy. He says it’s like exchanging his “rank of corporal for spiritual preferment, is a sort of Ovidian metamorphosis which might expose me to the risk of being sent back from my professorial chair to the camp”. This reflects Holberg’s interest in philosophy and the Enlightenment, where he preferred philosophy over military. (25) In relation to Niels Klim, though Niels and Holberg share similar travel stories, Niels is much different than Holberg because Niels fights wars at the end of the novel, and his powers take control of him. He mentions a strong observation on how people see “moderation in their opinions respecting the immaterial world; they either believe or reject every thing…to doubt even those truths which are attested by the most unexceptionable testimony.” He talks about this because he relates this to why Catholics hold to their religion and do not “think outside the box”, as long as “their faith in the corrupt superstitions of their church remains unshaken”. (27) This relates to Niels Klim’s story because the religious societies do not question at all, and if they do, they are persecuted, since it
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Holberg 1st Letter - 10-18-10 Holberg 1 letter (part 1) st...

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