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Unformatted text preview: 10-20-10 First Letter Holberg (2 nd part) “I do not mean to reproach them, but to admonish them against complaining of the indolence of literary men”. Holberg is trying to say that literary men are seen to be lazy because people don’t read their works. He states that common people want to read more popular books, that they neglect reading other books. Holberg addresses this conformity and “liking what other people like” in his other composition, Niels Klim’s Journey to the World Underground , in the world of monkeys. When one monkey started to like the hat, everyone started to appreciate the hat, and they were not able to see outside of materialistic world. (96) In the letters, Holberg mentions being fluent in many languages, similar to Niels Klim needing to learn many languages. By learning more languages, it opened doors to more insights and experiences for both Holberg and Niels. Unlike Niels who was forced to learn the language, Holberg “perused the Latin poets, not because I took any pleasure in reading them, but with a...
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