Icelandic Family Response Sheet

Icelandic Family Response Sheet - Clover introduces...

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8/31/10 Scandinavian Studies R5B Icelandic Family Sagas Response Sheet Carol J. Clover’s Icelandic Family Sagas was about the origins and the analysis of the sagas. The author went very deeply into the very heart of many sagas, backing up with many quotes from various writers and scholars. Not only that, the text also included many counter arguments to most of the writers and scholars opinion, letting the reader question form his/her beliefs on the topic. The most interesting aspect of Clover’s analysis is the inspection of anachronism. Anachronism is when something, an object, word, etc., is out of its place or time. For example, associating authors to texts.
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Unformatted text preview: Clover introduces Steblin-Kamenskij, who argues that it is anachronistic to associate medieval sagas to an “author”, since they had a different view/style of “authorship”. Interestingly, source analysts try to chronologically order manuscripts and texts. Unfortunately, it is difficult to pin down because the lateness of the manuscripts, the anonymity of the authors, the relative homogeneity of the polations. In short, Clover introduces not only the anachronistic idea, but as well as foreign influence, narrative techniques, laws and politics, feminism, social history, “forbidden love”, and many more....
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Icelandic Family Response Sheet - Clover introduces...

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