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Unformatted text preview: 11-2-10Little Mermaid-The little mermaid took her chances to receive an immortal soul by sacrificing her fins, a huge sacrifice to mermaids. She is portrayed selfish and innocent at this point, and at the end, she is unsuccessful, but is saved by God and his mermaid daughters. What is the meaning of this? Essay Question: Does the moral of the story try to promote children, who are innocent, to follow God’s will and be a “good child”? Or, are the children supposed to feel sympathy for the little mermaid, motivating them to be a good child so that the little mermaid can obtain the immortal soul?-The story also notes that “when they were away, they longed for their father’s castle, declaring it the most beautiful place of all and the only spot where on really felt at home.” This shows how Haugaard believes that an individual’s own home is the only place where one will feel safe and secure, and believing that another world is “better” isn’t always the case. This theme also occurs in the Magic Galoshes, since the people...
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