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Unformatted text preview: 11-1-10Magic Galoshes & The Traveling Companion•(41) Johannes decides to travel after his father dies. His travels are more mystical, with fairies, demons, and magic, in contrast to Holberg’s works. Why does Haugaard use this, if this story’s main characters are religious? •(43) An important point is made, when Johannes states that “It is living, evil human beings one has to fear.” Later in the story, the evil princess, becomes good. This may suggest that Haugaard believes that evil people have the potential to become good. •A strange foreshadowing is made with the random items the wayfarer collects. The significance can be made from the items when he they “walk on in silence” after collecting the item. What significance are these items? (45,46, 47)•The wayfarer is wise and knowledgeable, who can heal many things. In the end, we find out that the wayfarer is the dead man that Johannes saved....
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