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10-21-10 Holberg mentions a poem called Metamorphosis , where it is about men transforming into brutes and trees. Here, they are regarded as the nobles of the earth. In the Potuan society, not everyone is noble—they are trees because of their slow movement and deep understanding. Though they use similar analogies, they are used to express different characteristics. However, philosophers are still regarded as aggressive. When Klim meets the world with philosophers, he gets beaten up, while in Metamorphosis , the philosophers are goats, where they are pugnacious. Thoguh Holberg recycles these ideas from story to story, does his views on philosophers and noble people change through his letter? (145) Holberg thinks that the “deadliest foes of the human race” are the ones that “seem” to be the true friends. This element of deceit shows up in several societies in Niel’s Klim. Since this is a reoccurring theme, Holberg must think it as important. (149) Holberg also mentions that many do not appreciate his satire, and others consider it too
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