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3 rd Part of Niels Klim The countries are separated by geographic characteristics, “unlike the Archipelago in Europe.” People don’t travel much in this world, and they “soon return, as if impatient of a foreign soil”. This shows how weak the people of the world underground are, how insecure they are about themselves, and how comfortable they are at their own environment. The people don’t travel much because of the distinct characteristic for each country. They all speak the same language (81). One thing in common is language, the other is they are all trees. Other than that, they are completely different. This is in contrast to our world, where we all look the same, and we have similar “intelligence, manners, learning, shape, and colour.” (82) Though the Quamso have no diseases and have good health, the people are “harmless, but deserve neither your love nor hatred.” They are portrayed as emotionless and “stoic”. The reason for this is that because they have
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