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When creating a law, some people run the risk that their idea appears to be injurious to the public, and are killed. Niels ridicules the fact that in our world, we create new laws with only for private gains, rather than the common benefit. This striking contrast between the creation of laws is an attack to the audience/society of Niels, illustrating the fact that the laws need to be more for the public, rather than for private benefit. (38) A reference to the Griffin appears agin, when Niels eyes a small book called “A Full and True Account of the Strange Flying Dragon That Appeared in the Element Last Year.” What was the significance of recalling the Griffin? (38) Niels mention the fact that people kill each other in the name of Religion. The people are shocked to hear that, and though they understand that “there is a large variety of different sentiments concerning things pertaining to divine worshop; but one man does not persecute another for that”. Niels sheds light onto the fact that people should not kill each other
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