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Niels Klim Niels gives an estimate of the distance to the Firmament from the planet Nazar to be around four to twenty hours. Because he gives an account of such a wide time frame, that he’s portrayed as odd and maybe unintelligent. He could have specified the time a bit more. This lack of inability to retell more specific accounts could be a reflection to Holberg’s society, where people don’t retell the story accurately. (129) The next world Niels meets are filled with monkeys, who are the opposite of the Potuans. The people were light, and much more intelligent and fast than the Potuans. When arriving to the Firmament, he notes that “…even the ambassadors in our world are hardly received with more ceremony than I was”. Inferring to how much Niels’ society looks upon their ambassadors, it is satirically reflective to Holberg’s society, where he thinks shouldn’t be as much appreciation to the ambassadors. (130) Though Niels picked up the Potuan language fast, he was able to learn it
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