Peer Gynt - Peer Gynt Peer Gynt and Niels Klim Since Ibsen used Holberg’s Niels Klim as a basis for his story on Peer Gynt a lot of s imilarities

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Unformatted text preview: 11-14-10 Peer Gynt Peer Gynt and Niels Klim Since Ibsen used Holberg’s Niels Klim as a basis for his story on Peer Gynt, a lot of s imilarities, such as the shipwreck, personal realizations, t roubles, depiction of u topia, are similar. Why did Ibsen particularly use Holberg’s wri ting? One of the main differences of Holberg’s wri ting to utopian wri ters at his t ime was that his u topias are more negatively depicted. Was this a factor in using Holberg’s writ ing, r ather than some other eighteenth century wri ter’s? (32-33) When Peer Gynt was telling his story, the crowd admired his stories, and enjoyed i t, to the point some yelled “that’s a good one!”, while others questioned for more details on his story. Yes, suddenly the whole mood changes, when the audience calls him a “loudmouth”, liar, and “raving mad”. What does say about Peer Gynt’s characteristic? He tells story very well, but is not very good at communicated with people for the whole round. Peer Gynt, the protagonist of the story, is portrayed very loud and foolish. We can tell from his in teractions with other people. Comparing it with Niels Klim, i t is N iels K lim who narrates the story, so we can not tell if Niels Kl im was the same way. In terms of creating a story from 1st person, versus 3rd person, how is i t advantageous the create a story one way, or the other? (36) When Aslak and Peer Gynt start to fight, two options are created by the outside voices—“Yes, let them fight!”, and “No, argue it out!”. Aslak chooses to fight. Since Aslak seems to be the antagonist in the story, does Ibsen create him as a fighter because Ibsen looks down on “fighting”, rather than reasoning? ...
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