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Peer gynt act 5

Peer gynt act 5 - Peer Gynt ACT VThough Peer Gynt expresses...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-23-10Peer Gynt ACT VThough Peer Gynt expresses his selfishness for money when Gynt relplies to the Captain, “right! It’s nobody’s at all but mine”, he is quite the contrary when he sees other people shipwrecked. He scolds the captain and his crew for not saving the people—“You curs! Cowards! Are you forgetting, Those men have wives and children waiting At home for them?” This is a dramatic change of character since the beginning of the chapter where he was portrayed as a fool to where it’s obvious that Gynt wants to save these people. What caused this change? (154-156)The mysterious passenger that comes on board during the storm seems to have come out of nowhere. He is depicted as “white as sheet”. Though this is a physical characteristic of those who lock themselves inside rooms and study, as Gynt assumed “…these scientists! Damned freethinkers….”, could the passenger be “Death”, since the passenger thinks (or knows) that the ship will sink, and wants Gynt’s cadaver. thinks (or knows) that the ship will sink, and wants Gynt’s cadaver....
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