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9/20/10 Scandi R5B Saxo Book II Before taking Andvan’s country and his fortunes, Frothi disguised himself as a “young female warrior and went to the town as a deserter, shedding his masculine appearance and impersonating a woman”. He then conducts scours the area, and tells his messanger to have the army stand by the walls so Frothi can let his army come in through the gate. Though an excellent plan, a leader dressing up as a woman to overtake a country seems unjust. In this day of age, it seems more “manly” to overtake a country by force through combat—rather than burning the city “in sleep”, which is thought to be cowardly. However, the story does not show any signs of negative attitude toward Frothi. (page 42) There are expectations for people who are of noble descent, and is shameful if they do not meet their goals or put into a lower position. The text states, “Regner blushed deeply at his squalid garb and judged that the only antidote for his shame was to conceal his noble descent”. Here, he
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