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Unformatted text preview: 9-22-10 Scandinavian Studies R5B • Saxo Book III Response Sheet The mysterious maidens that deceived Hother told Hother to not engage in battle with Balder. In the end, he was mocked and deceived (70). This shows how naïve and innocent Hother was. He may have been portrayed this way to strengthen the contrast between his outstanding childhood, his failing events, and his burial being protected by graverobbers by the powers of the Earth. Balder falls in love with Nanna, and promises to kill Hother with a sword so that there would be no delay or obstacle to marry Nanna. This thought, of killing someone for a love, may be frowned down upon during this story. o 1) Hother was able to make Balder and his mens’ clubs (referring to Thor’s hammer) useless. (page 72) o 2) Phantoms of Nanna tormented him (73) o 3) Though he was able to receive his new bride, Balder’s flight was more laughed at (73) Hother lost two battles from Balder so he goes into an inconsolable grief (74). He then dreams about death, where he dies in three days (75). Hother does not seem to have a great reputation, and is portrayed not negatively, rather sympathetically. He did lose several battles but from a man who was an outstanding and killed musician and athlete, one would wonder why he has failed at his accomplishments later on (69). However, when graverobbers try to dig up his grave, the earth splits, forcing the excavation to be terminated (75). He seems to be protected by the Gods—though, he never mentions them during his battles. There seems to be a correlation from Balder to Odin, in which they both struggle in having the wife they want (77). What is the message behind this? The power of fighting vs ability of love? • • • • Essay: 1) Why is there such a similarity between Balder and Odin, like Egil and his father? 2) If Balder is Odin’s son, a victorious man, why could he not easily have Nanna be his wife? Does the power of victory decrease the ability the gain a wife? ...
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