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Unformatted text preview: 9-24-10 Scandinavian Studies R5B In troduction (2x) I n tro #1 A ru thless killer, but an outstanding poet, Egil from Egil’s Saga seems to have two masks during the saga. His first mask is negative--he is physically portrayed negatively, as a mean figure while recklessly hacking and murdering people; whereas his second mask stays positive--where he is depicted as fighting for a cause and described as a “great” Viking. This contrast in character seems to go against each other where the positive mask seems to cover up, fix the problems of the negative mask. He is therefore a foil character in himself, playing both the protagonist and antagonist in the sagas. I n tro #2 Though stories passed down are diluted th rough time, by analyzing the actual content and materials, one may observe some facts and features of the era. In Egil’s Saga, during the raids, Egil displays courage and gains successful victories where he is able to win against the odds. However, is his manslaughter something to be praised? T he narrator effectively portrays him as a Viking to idolize to through his accomplishments/successful feats and his peers’ reactions. ...
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