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Women in Old Norse Literature

Women in Old Norse Literature - Scandinavian Studies R5B...

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9-18-10 Scandinavian Studies R5B Never In Public Role of Woman Helga Kress has suggested that ancient female hegemony was evident before the emerging Viking patriarchy, but submerged by the Christian hierarchy. This seems true because in Egil’s Saga, not many women play a vital role, except for the Queen. As literature developed, it seems as if women played a less vital role (Borovsky 1). Woman have been seen to play as the defender of paganism. In Njals saga, women exerted their influence on public matters by going against Pangbrander, who was trying to convert people the Christianity. It is interesting to note why men weren’t the ones noted for standing up for paganism. What role did the men play? (Borovsky 7) The author notes that “to be shamed by a woman must have been a severe humiliation for Pangbrandr, equivalent to being struck by a woman ( Borovsky 10) Since when did woman have so much power than man in terms of humiliation? Why is it that humiliation by a man is less than humiliation by a woman?
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