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Chapter 8 Homework – E-commerce Enter your answers to the questions below in a word processor. Then copy your answers into the appropriate web page accessed from the Course Assignments, Homework, Concept Homework links. Bring your printout to class for discussion and save it until you see your grade in OPE. Without using examples from class: 1. Give one example of a B2C web storefront. 2. Give one example of a B2C interactive marketing website.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Give one example of a B2C integrated web store. 4. Give one example of a B2C self service web sales site. EXTRA CREDIT 5. Give one example of a C2C website. Please ignore the other questions that will appear on the website when you enter your answers. You only need to complete these four or five questions to receive full credit for Homework 8....
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