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Appalachia Notes - Appalachia Notes Food in Appalachia...

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Appalachia Notes: Food in Appalachia Frontier movement-hunting Meals echoed the seasons, what was local and fresh Railroads made food more commercialized Reflected the diversity of its people Appalachian Stack Cake (in class) like European Torte, made with many layers of stiff cookie like dough and flavored with ginger: Wedding guests would each bring a layer to the bride for her cake and you could tell how popular a bride was by how many layers she had Helped spread the culture and made its way into music Honey candy aka peanut butter ball and Southern sweet cornbread in class Johnny Cash Born in Kingsland, Arkansas one of seven children Music and religion were very important parts of everyday life to the Cash family. John was 12 his older brother Jack suffered for a week after falling on a table saw and ended up dying John enlisted in the US air force Met Vivian and worked as a door to door salesperson trying to make a break into the music business ¼ Cherokee Indian Modern Tourism in Appalachia Big Stone Gap Southwest Virginia Museum: Mansion built in the 1880’s “Boom and Bust” era is featured in the main gallery on the first floor of the museum The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Outdoor Drama: Longest continually running outdoor drama in the Commonwealth of VA Appalachian Trail: Nation’s longest marked footpath, 2,179 miles long and highest elevation in TN is 6,625
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Nantahala River Rafting: Gorge, NC referred to as the “Nanny” one of the oldest rivers in the world Superstitions Death: Omen of death…a bird flying into the home. If you dream of a birth or marriage Luck: Pick a coin up if it’s heads up, horseshoe above a doorway, turkey wish bone, throw salt over the left shoulder if it spills Weather: If the cows are laying down a storm is in the future, *Killing a black snake and hanging it on a fence will bring rain
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