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Psychology Review Exam 2 - PSYC Review Sheet Key...

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PSYC Review Sheet Key Terms/Concepts --- Consciousness Vision: role of the retina, plasticity of the visual cortex Retina : Area of the back of the eye on which images are formed and that contains the rods and cones; it transduces the wavelength amplitude and complexity of the light waves into neural messages Definitions of consciousness, awareness, attention, and cocktail party phenomenon Consciousness : subjective awareness of mental processes such as perception, thinking, remembering; it is a subset of what we are aware of at the moment Awareness : Everything we might think or perceive if we attended to them Attention : Attention brings material into consciousness; focuses consciousness Cocktail Party Phenomenon : ability to split attention between a “foreground” conversation and a “background” one, and even remember aspects of the background conversation you’re not attending to Consciousness from a Freudian perspective Id : (unconscious) Instinctual sexual or aggressive energy Works according to the pleasure principle (immediate gratification of desires) Irrational, selfish Infinite like impulses! (I want, I want, I want) Ego : (conscious and preconscious) Acts as a manager, trying to satisfy needs of id in accordance with what’s realistic, and moral (superego) Works according to the reality principle --control id, keep it in check --delays gratification Also, when the desire of the id can't be satisfied, sometimes the ego finds a substitute. .. Sublimation -- a socially unacceptable want or activity is replaced by an acceptable one Superego : (preconscious) Ideals, morals, conscience; concern with what is right Often in conflict with ID One individual’s awareness of what is right and wrong Unconscious, preconscious, conscious; the Iceberg Model; Freudian slips Unconscious : processes inaccessible to consciousness because they have been repressed (kept from consciousness thought because it brings too much anxiety) Preconscious : processes not presently conscious, but could be quickly…like if you’re asked a question, or playing trivial pursuit Conscious : processes for which a person is subjectively aware Freudian Slips : Unconscious thoughts/emotions can slip into consciousness (calling your current boyfriend your ex-boyfriend’s name) Iceberg Model : Conscious Level - Ego Preconscious Level - Ego and Superego Unconscious Level -Id Sleep Why we sleep : Function, Evolutionary perspective -We’re tired, it restores us
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-according to text, more true of mental than physical restoration -It Keeps us away from trouble/harm (night time) -It can aid immune system -It helps us consolidate memories, helps neuron repair maybe because cerebral cortex isn’t busy processing outside information. Circadian rhythms
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Psychology Review Exam 2 - PSYC Review Sheet Key...

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