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Page 1 of 10 INFO 210 SPRING 2011 Project -- Microsoft Excel Due Date: March 23 rd , 2011 Due Time: Beginning of Class Objective This project will introduce you to some useful features of Microsoft Excel. Excel is the dominant spreadsheet application in use today. Using Excel is a prerequisite to success in the current business job market. You will also be exposed to some advanced features of Excel to whet your appetite and encourage you to learn more about this software package that you will soon use on a daily basis. For those of you that are already "power" users of Excel, show me your creativity and expand on the requirements of this assignment. Reference Materials You should use the following reference materials for guidance in working on this project: 1. Excel Homework 1 to 6 in MyITLab 2. Excel Help and any discussion material from class Assignment The Excel project consists of three major activities briefly described as follows: A. Investment Portfolio Tracking -- You will create an Excel workbook containing a tool that can be used to track one’ s portfolio of stock investments. B. Personal Financial Analysis -- You will create a spreadsheet tool that can be used to analyze personal financial data such as car loan, savings, and retirement plans. C. Sales Data Analyzing -- You will use the PivotTable and PivotChart features of Excel to analyze some sales data and make conclusions. Additional Instructions You will create three separate Excel workbooks for this project (i.e., one Excel workbook for each major tool listed above). Each workbook will have multiple worksheets to allow you to complete the assignment. The remainder of this section contains additional instructions for each information system and the worksheets that should be included in your workbooks below. I have also specified the name for each sheet. Be aware that some sheets will be hidden in your final deliverable.
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Page 2 of 10 WORKBOOK 1 -- STOCK PORTFOLIO TRACKER INFORMATION SYSTEM The overall objective of the stock portfolio tracking system is that you want to track your investments in the stock market. For example, if you buy stock in 5 different companies, you would use this information system to keep track of how much money you invested and how much money you have made on your investment. To design and create this information system, open a new Excel workbook and save the workbook using your initials and the filename “StockPortfolioTracker.xlsx” For example, if your name is John Q. Student, then you would save the file as “jqsStockPortfolioTracker.xlsx” (be sure to use your own initials and no t the initials for John Q. Student). Your final workbook should include several worksheets described below. For each worksheet, I have specified the name you should use for the sheet.
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InfoProject - INFO 210 SPRING 2011 Project Microsoft Excel...

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