Criminal - Garry Ray Davis II 01-28-2009 CRJU 3110 Spring...

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Garry Ray Davis II 01-28-2009 CRJU 3110 Spring 2009 My Tour in Zone 4 I met Officer Erick Escalante at the Zone four precinct in the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday January 28th. After waiting patiently for my paper work to go through with the attendant at the desk, the officer informed that as soon as the afternoon patrol returned with a squad car that we could leave. We took this time to get to know each other on a very basic level. To my surprise Officer Escalante was from my very own home city of Lawrenceville and currently lived down the road from my father’s restaurant. Upon leaving for our ride along, I saw a gold Jeep with Sigma Nu letters on it. I was ecstatic to see that one of my fraternity brothers worked at this station. I asked Officer Escalante if he knew specifically who drove that car but he had no idea. It was time to roll out and a long day lay ahead of us on our trip into one of the worst areas that the state had to offer. Factors that attract people to a career in policing are the opportunity to take on important responsibilities, an interest in serving the public, the possibility of adventure and the prospect of having job security. These are all the reasons that Officer Escalante gave me for wanting to be an officer as soon as he came out the service. He explained me the instruments in his car that made his job a lot easier like the M.D.S (Mobile Desk top system) that sat in the middle of his car. This complex system prioritized his whole day into a list that arranged the incoming calls that the station received into a list of who received first priority due to emergency level. It also acted as a GPS and helps inform the station by satellite where he was at all times so if he was to be shot that the station would know down to the exact location where he was. My adventures started off on a false alarm. We went out to the apartment complex only to answer
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Criminal - Garry Ray Davis II 01-28-2009 CRJU 3110 Spring...

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