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My ridealong in Zone 4

My ridealong in Zone 4 - Garry Ray Davis II CRJU3011 Fall...

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Garry Ray Davis II 09-28-2008 CRJU3011 Fall 2008 My tour in Zone 4 As I got in the car I had no idea what was intended for me on this trip. Police officers normally never have an idea what is in store with them either. What if they encounter an armed fugitive who surprises them with gunfire? What motivates someone to choose a career as harsh as this one? All my answers would be answered with this officer that was granted authority to carry firearms and make discretionary decisions about arrests, searches, and even end the life of another human being by pulling the trigger during the stressful, fast moving events that confront police officers everyday. I met Officer Erick Escalante at the Zone four precinct in the middle of the afternoon on a slow Monday. After waiting patiently for my paper work to go through with the attendant at the desk, the officer informed that as soon as the afternoon patrol returned with the car that we would leave. We took this time to get to know each other on a very basic level. To my surprise Officer Escalante was from my very own home city in Gwinnett and had lived down the road from my father’s restaurant. His brother also lived in my home county and lived very close to my family’s other restaurant in Dacula. I learned that he had been in the Marine Corp for a few years and then transferred to the academy where he learned a lot about law enforcement. He had originally been trying to work for the Police department near his family in Lawrenceville/Duluth
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but the requirements were very strict. He had a speeding ticket that he had received in North Carolina a few years back and it showed up on his record when he tried to apply for the job. However, when he went in for his Zone 4 interview, the interviewing officer shined some light on the situation and told him if he had just changed to a Georgia license that all problems would have been resolved. Upon leaving for our ride along, I saw a gold Jeep with Sigma Nu letters on it. I was ecstatic to see that one of my brothers worked at this station. I asked Officer Escalante if he knew specifically who drove that car but he had no idea. It was time to roll out and a long day lay ahead of us on our trip into one of the worst areas that the state had to offer.
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