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CS 118 – Computer Network Fundamentals Purpose and content of the course: In this course we study the way a Computer Communications Network such as the Internet works. Namely, we investigate the building blocks required to make the Network work correctly and efficiently and the applications that users can run on it. We study, evaluate and compare different “protocols” that are used to implement the building blocks and to support the applications. The course presents and reviews, in a “top- down” approach, the functions and protocols of the top four layers of the Internet protocol stack (i.e., application, transport, network, and MAC layers). Basic principles of multimedia protocol design and network security are also discussed.
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Unformatted text preview: Within each layer, specific functions are defined, available alternatives are evaluated and examples of existing protocols are presented. Fall 2008 Schedule of Classes Week 1: Introduction, Chpt 1 – 1A and 1B Week 2: Application layer, Chpt 2 – 2A and 2B Week 3: Transport layer, Chpt 3 – 3A, 3B Week 4: Transport layer, Chpt 3 – 3C, 3D Week 5: Network layer, Chpt 4 – 4A – Midterm (November 1 st , 1-3pm) Week 6: Network layer, Chpt 4 – 4B, 4C Week 7: Link and MAC layer, Chpt 5 – 5A, 5B Week 8: Wireless Nets, Chpt 6 – 6A, 6B Week 9: Multimedia Networking, Chpt 7 – 7A, 7B Week 10: Security, Chpt 8 – 8A, 8B Final exam: Dec 13, 1-4pm Grading: Homework 15% Midterm 35% Final 50% Total 100%...
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