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Full name-Anthony zacharias What I prefer to be called-Tony [email protected] Program and degree currently being sought-MET with a minor in engineering management. Other courses taken in the engineering management department Intro into engineering management Decision techniques in Engineering Engineering Ethics Specific areas of academic/career interest Any engineering field associated with Marine, HVAC, or Pneumatics Work experience worked 6 years for Capitol Oil co as a HVAC and plumbers helper What would make this course a sucessful learning experience
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Unformatted text preview: This course would be a sucess for me if I am able to understand new and important concepts within the engineering management field and improve on team work skills. What would make this course an unsucessful learning experience. This course would be unsucessful if I personally do not take it upon myself to participate in the class and do not complete assignments. Do I have any reservations about this course No I have only heard positive feedback from all people that have taken it....
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