MET47510questions - A nthony Zacha rias M E T 475 Chapter 1...

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Unformatted text preview: A nthony Zacha rias M E T 475 Chapter 1 questions 1. B riefly describe the "rudimenta ry steam engine" developed by T homas Newcomen. Answer- Single piston, vertical open topped cylinder, packed with h emp, roughly 1/16th of an inch thick. 2. I n roughly what year was the scre propeller int roduced. A.1815 C.1840 Answer-C. 1840 B.1790 D. 1880 3. What is the name of the fi rst nuclear powered submarine. A. Nautilus C. T u rbinia Answer-A. Nautilus B. D iscovery D. U.S.S. Ente rp r ise 4. Give two reasons why ships are complex vehicles. Answers- must be self sustaining, must work in a ma r ine environment, must have space and weight limits, not one form of e ngineering but many combined into one. 5. What th ree ways are ma rine vehicles used. Answer- link in a t ransportation system, mobile naval base, special p rupose vehicle or platform. 6. What is the procedure used by ma r ine engineers and naval a rchitects to t ranslate shop design requi rements into specific ship d esign crite ria. A. ma r ine planning process i ntegration C. Decision engineering S piral Answer-D. design spiral B. System D. Design 7.What are the four stages the ship design process must undergo; list i n order from beginning to end. Answer-conceptual design,prelimina ry design, contract design, d etail design 8. What is the basic operating requi rements for a main propulsion system? Answer-To propel the system at the requi red sustained sea speed for t he range required and to provide stopping, backing, and m aneuvering capabilities. 9. What area does ship resistance falll within? A. M a r ine engineering economic planning C. Naval Architecture p rocedure Answer-C.Naval Architecture B. D. quality 10. What was the fi rst nuclear powered aircraft car r ier. A. U.S.S. Ente rp rise C.Independence H a r ry E. Yarnell Answer-A. U.S.S. Enterp r ise B.Nautilus D. U.S.S. ...
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MET47510questions - A nthony Zacha rias M E T 475 Chapter 1...

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