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MET435W Team_responsibilities - Anthony Zacharias MET 435W...

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Anthony Zacharias MET 435W The Old Dominion University Autonomous Surface Vehicle Competition team began preparations for the annual contest January 13 th 2011. During this meeting, held in the automation and controls room in Kaufman Hall 105, the team discussed the agenda for the June 10 th 2011 competition to be held in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This meeting proved to be very helpful in setting the course and goals of the team. The group discussed the rules and regulations of the competition which led to changes in philosophy and approach with designing the vehicle. A budget was discussed, between $ 3,500 and $ 5,000, and parameters for equipment choice were established. To achieve maximum efficiency groups were created to distribute the work load of the vehicle. I was assigned to the boat/hull design team along with Marcus Tyndall, Keian Robinson, Alex Fediw, and Rishi Patel. The boat/hull team was charged with creating the best possible design for the hull and overall shape of the vessel. During the following week the group, using Autodesk Inventor, created several designs and concepts for the vehicle; see attached pictures. I created a solid mono-hull idea for the vehicle which was believed to create the most room for components to be placed within the vehicle. The group discussed ideas for the best fit for the competition and what was required for the vehicle to complete the tasks. My design
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This note was uploaded on 03/29/2011 for the course MET 120 taught by Professor Khajah during the Spring '11 term at Old Dominion.

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MET435W Team_responsibilities - Anthony Zacharias MET 435W...

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